Gender Equality Officer

In the elections of the Gender Equality Officer for the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Dr. Eva Sandmann and her deputy, Dr. Nada Sissouno, Lecturer (academic officer), Department of Mathematics, were unanimously elected by the Senate. The new term of office ends on 31.03.2023.

Eva Sandmann holds the Gender Equality Office of the Technical University Munich since April 2008. Gender politics have been continuously changing, starting from the outer margin of the University at the beginning (1989), towards a predominant, central part of higher education politics. It gave (and gives) insights in the strategic development of the University and offers a wide range of action possibilities. The political (part time) office opened her a valuable teaching framework within the field of bio-/environmental ethics (in diverse study lines) over the years.

Quotation: “The desire to contribute, towards greater equal opportunity in higher education and translate the ethical ideas and the legal framework into the university daily life was a powerful source for inspiration for me. The golden mean, often a pragmatic solution, to reach another level towards the aimed goal, without leaving the creative power out of sight!”

The new Bavarian legal framework on higher education (BayHIG) coming into force next year, highlights gender politics in predominant parts (Art 22) and addresses the support for female scientist through a demanded set of target numbers in all disciplines (Art 23). This gives the representative for female scientists (gender equality officer) a better argumentation setting for the advising duties within the board meetings.

Nada Sissouno is an lecturer (academic officer) at the Faculty of Mathematics and is assigned to the Chair of Optimization and Data Analysis. She is also the women's representative of the Faculty of Mathematics and deputy spokesperson of the KwM. Her research interests are:

  • Mathematical methods in
    • signal and image processing
    • data science
    • dynamical systems
    • numerical simulation
  • Approximation theory, particularly: spline functions on domains
  • Wavelets and frames

Responsibilites of the Gender Equality Officer

  • Extending the EU network in regards to gender equality. You will find more information on this topic on the website of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)
  • Ensure maternity protection for PhD candidates. For further information, see the Statement of the BuKoF, in German (PDF 0,2 MB)
  • Creation of an incentive system to encourage gender & diversity topics in research and teaching (Gender & Diversity Incentive Fund)
  • Quality management in human resources and fair assessment according to academic qualification and competence as a clear stipulation for all measures. This aims to adjust processes of human resource development and recruitment to international best practices (cooperation with Claudia Peus)
  • Network of databases of female scientists

  • Continuous extension of the lawful function of a Gender Equality Officer to the political function of an international Gender Equality Officer
  • Further development and strengthening of the topic gender in research and teaching at TUM
  • Further development of gender equality and diversity in personnel development and recruiting processes

  • Person of trust for female students, researchers and members of TUM, who are asking for support and advice
  • Close cooperation with the counselling network (psychosocial counselling, staff council, student services)
  • Awarding of scholarships for equal opportunity (Laura Bassi Award), including counselling, selection (in cooperation with the TUM scholarship office and the commission for support of talents), quality management and reporting to the ministry

  • Chair of the Equality Conference (network for equality with participation of the diversity groups of students, the equal opportunity and gender equality officers as well as diversity management units of the departments)
  • Close cooperation on the topic "Inclusion" with the representatives for people with disabilities 
  • Active participation in the university committees (Senate, TUM Board of Trustees, TUM Extended Board of Management) and in the Gender & Diversity Board
  • Participation in the Faculty Recruitment Committee
  • Active participation in the administrative council of the Studentenwerk (student union)
  • Member of the Research Staff Assembly
  • Regular sessions with the TU9 women representatives and gender equality officers
  • Participation in the Bundesfrauenkonferenz (Federal Women Conference) and the Landesfrauenkonferenz (State Women Conference) of the gender equality officers of universities including the respective committees
  • Council member of the Agency Girls in Science and Technology, further development with ExploreTUM and the school programs at TUM