Lecture Series on the topics family and (elder)care

Information lectures by the TUM Family Service - now as online lectures

The TUM Family Service of the Equal Opportunities Office is again organizing a series of lectures with topics of ​​caring for relatives in the winter semester, in which all TUM employees and students can participate.

Due to the current situation, the current series of lectures will continue to be held as an online event in cooperation with the TUM cooperation partner awo lifebalance.

The online lecture on the topic: "Home office, home schooling and home care work in times of Corona" took place on January 25th, 2021.


The Corona crisis is currently demanding a lot from working / studying parents. Bringing home office, home schooling and household chores under one roof is a great challenge. Flexibility in the professional and private context is now required in order to meet all these requirements. New approaches and strategies are required for this.

The participants of the event will be shown possibilities and approaches how to deal with this very special work and life situation.

  • What methods are there to reconcile work and family during the "Corona period"?
  • How can the current situation be met in a resource-oriented manner?

The online lecture on "Home Care: Financing and Benefit Claims" from November 17, 2020 was available afterwards until December 21, 2020.


Caring for a loved one at home is a responsible job. Due to legal changes and the large number of care and support offers, it is important to be as well informed as possible about the benefit entitlements. The employees are informed about the benefits the relatives are entitled to and how these can be combined in the best possible way for needs-based care within their own four walls.

  • What financing options and benefits from statutory long-term care insurance are there?
  • When does long-term care insurance pay?
  • How does long-term care insurance support home care?
  • How can care at home be organized sensibly?
  • What options does the Care Leave Act offer?
  • Which services and facilities relieve relatives with home care?
  • Where can caring relatives get advice?

The online lecture on the topic of "Time for care" from 09.12.2020 was available as a recording in the follow-up.

 More informatione  and links of the lecture linked here (only in German).


Supporting a relative in need of assistance or care is always a major challenge for families. Finding a good balance between the demands of the job and caring for the relative in need of care is often difficult, because even after the introduction of the law for better reconciliation of family, care and work, the new legal options are still unknown to many employees.
Employees are informed about the legal options for combining working and caregiving hours in a meaningful way. Practical examples are used to clearly explain the different models.

  • What does the ten-day, short-term work prevention include?
  • How do I apply for care support allowance?
  • What needs to be considered when claiming six months' caregiver leave?
  • What are the legal options for partial time off work?
  • Can a loan cushion salary losses due to care?
  • How is social security regulated for family or care leave?

The online lectures on the topic of care will be recorded and made available online for all TUM employees for a certain period of time afterwards.

Further information and details on the lecture can also be here

Only TUM members can take part in the online lectures. The number of participants is limited. Participation in the lectures is free of charge.

The online lectures on the topic of care are recorded and can subsequently be made available online for all TUM members for a certain period of time.

At TUM Horizons  there are other interesting (virtual) workshops on the subject of self-care / mindfulness for all employees, and many more workshops. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact TUM Familienservice, Equal Opportunities Office, Marion Friederich, familienservice@zv.tum.de.