Care guides - Pflegelots*innen at TUM

Compatibility of family, care and work / studies

The issue of caring for elderly relatives affects almost everyone in the course of their lives. But younger family members with disabilities or seriously ill relatives can also be permanently dependent on support and care.

Duties of the care guides

The TUM would like to support as much as possible in the reconciliation of families or care tasks and work or studies. The new company care guides were trained to be the first contact persons to provide initial orientation in the “care jungle” as part of collegial advice. In this way, they can give an initial overview of operational and legal offers, external contact points and cooperation partners and provide relief. The company care supervisors can therefore be the first point of contact when employees or students have a caring situation for relatives.

Care guides at many TUM locations

At the TUM, freshly trained nursing supervisors are now available at the various locations in Munich, Garching, Freising and Straubing as well as at the Klinikum rechts der Isar as contact persons (by phone, in person or by email) for all TUM members on all matters the compatibility of care and work is available.

Your care guides at TUM:

Munich and Garching
Marion Friederich // TUM Familienservice München und Garching

Freising-Weihenstephan (WZW)
Monika Laschinger // TUM Familienservice WZW

Elke Nothaft // Studierenden-Service Straubing

Klinikum rechts der Isar
Tina Lupo // KeCK Familienservice