Frauennotruf München

Sexual harassment and sexism are serious issues and TUM is committed to act! Do you feel treated unfairly, harassed or threatened? Are you looking for ways to effectively respond to unwanted advances and sexist remarks?

The Beratungsstelle Frauennotruf has been the primary agency in the city of Munich to deal with complaints. In a cooperation with the TUM Gender Equality Office they offer free and confidential consultations by telephone. Consulting languages are German and English. Translation for other languages is provided on request.

Your personal contact person: Mirjam Spies. Her extension:  089 - 452 15 97 18
Dates for SS 22, taking place at 11-12h

✓ 26.04.2022      
✓ 31.05.2022      
✓ 28.06.2022
✓ 26.07.2022
✓ 25.10.2022
✓ 29.11.2022
✓ 20.12.2022
✓ 24.01.2023
✓ 21.02.2023

The dates are updated continuously. There are no office hours during the semester break.

Please find further information here: Münchner Frauennotruf