Coaching offers at TUM

Systemic Coaching

TUM offers a wide range of coachings for various target groups. Coaching is a short-term counselling concerning issues and conflicts in studies and career. A coach supports in the realization of personal concerns, the solution of a problem or the improvement of learning aptitude and performance.

Possible occasions for coaching are:

  • Development of a professional biography strategy
  • Creation of your role as a (new) scientist
  • Personal motivation profiles for executive functions
  • Obstacles on the personal career track and possibilities to overcome these
  • Optimization of the schedule of studies
  • Learning difficulties: Difficulties in finding your way back into studying, concentration difficulties, lack of motivation, procrastination
  • Test anxieties and failure of exams
  • Feeling of being alone in one’s studies
  • Feeling of overload
  • Handling of stress and high workload

Coaching by TUM.Diversity

  • We offer individual coachings for PhD students, postdocs and members of the science management.
  • Students of all Departments are welcome to attend the group coaching (in German only).

Coaching by the Carl von Linde-Akademie/ MCTS

  • The Carl von Linde-Akademie offers individual coaching for students in the context of the project "encouraging self-competence" (in German only). Here you can find more information on content and registration for this coaching program.

We choose our coaches according to certain quality criteria (in German).

Language Coaching & Intercultural Training

Language Coaching & Intercultural Training is a service for newly appointed international professors at TUM. This is an individual and demand-oriented service connecting language, intercultural differences and integration: Individual language courses are designed to fit the needs of the participants; if needed, the participants get information and counselling on German culture and on daily life at TUM and in Munich. An individual Integration Service helps you with many formalities which need attending in your first few months in Munich and can coach you medium-term in dealing with daily life and administration.

German language coaching for international professors

In cooperation with the TUM Language Center, the Munich Dual Career Office offers individual German language coaching for newly-appointed international professors. Further information on the Munich Dual Career Office website.

Language Coaching by the Language Center

The English Coaching Program offers support to professors, associate lecturers and visiting professors who lecture in English. You will find further information on the website of the Language Center.