Counseling at TUM
Counseling (Image: Astrid Eckert / TUM)


The Technical University of Munich (TUM) offers a broad spectrum of counseling to meet the unique needs of various target groups. In cooperation with a network of external counseling providers, TUM provides student and employee support services to foster a healthy working environment and successful studies.

For particular matters you can contact officers and representatives of TUM who will assist you and will provide you with necessary information. Students and prospective students can find assistance at the Student Service Center of TUM.

Below you will find a list of offices and qualified counselors available to students, doctoral candidates and employees at TUM, providing personal assistance and important information regarding your individual concerns.

Diversity Consulting / Women's Programs

TUM.Diversity advises and supports members of the university, faculties and (scientific) institutions of the TUM in the planning and implementation of diversity measures.


Promotion of Women

  • The primary task of the Gender Equality Officer is to enforce real equality of women and men at the TUM (students and academic staff).
  • The Equal Opportunity Officer is the contact in gender equality issues and supports the employees in idividual cases (academic supporting staff).


Study and Career with Family


Sexual Harassment

The counseling network of the Munich Student Union assists students in cases of sexual harassment.


Disability / Chronic Illness


Religion / Belief

  • The Catholic Student Community (KHG) and the Protestant Student Community (EHG) at TUM offer counseling on a broad range of topics and hold regular events, such as church services and meditation.
  • Verband Jüdischer Studenten in Bayern (VJSB)
  • Islamische Hochschulvereinigung München (IHV)


From school to university

High school graduates considering university study can inform themselves about TUM and its various programs for potential students through Explore TUM.


Alumni & Alumnae

TUM alumni and alumnae can expand their networks on TUMnet and contact career counselors at Alumni & Career.